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Where Happy Bowlers and Friends Come Together

Kathy and Andy Rainey

Owners and Operators of Orillia Bowl

Kathy and Andy Rainey are experienced bowlers and independent business owners who have revived the bowling community in Orillia with their purchase of Orillia Bowl in 2013.

Kathy was raised in Strathroy, Ontario where her family-owned and operated the local bowling centre. Over the years, Kathy's family went on to own several bowling centres which enabled her to start bowling at 4 years of age and continue throughout her childhood. Kathy's enjoyment and skill in bowling have allowed for her to participate and win many tournaments.

Andy grew up in the small town of Burford, Ontario learning and working with horses. Moving to Muskoka as a teenager, Andy met Kathy at the local variety store that they both worked at. Kathy and her father introduced Andy to bowling through joining a bowling league and volunteering with the youth bowling program.

Kathy and Andy spent much of their young adult years bowling in multiple leagues 7 days a week, participating in tournaments, coaching youth bowling and accompanying children to tournaments at both the provincial and national levels.

Kathy and Andy’s proficiency in bowling has enabled them to win several tournaments throughout the years. Kathy won the largest single Ontario payout in 5-pin bowling of $20,000 in 1995 and Andy bowled a perfect game of 450 points in 1994.

In 1999, Kathy and Andy moved to Collingwood where they have successfully been running an irrigation business for 20 years. After bowling in the Collingwood area with their 3 children for many years, Kathy and Andy decided to leverage their business knowledge and bowling expertise to purchase their own centre when the Orillia bowling alley became available.

Since the purchase, Orillia Bowl has undergone many enhancements to update the original out-of-date facility. All 18 wood lanes have been refinished to perfection and the centre is now equipped to support glow in the dark bowling and Rock & Bowl. Updated painting inside and outside of the facility and LED lighting provide the bowling centre with a modern and family-oriented atmosphere.

Kathy and Andy, along with their 3 children, continue to bowl and manage the centre. Their passion and knowledge of the sport are spreading to create a new generation of bowlers with a love for the game. With Kathy and Andy's guidance, their granddaughter and niece both started bowling at 1 year.

Under Kathy and Andy’s guidance, Orillia Bowl has grown to become a staple family destination and community supporter of philanthropic initiatives such as the Special Olympics, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Food Bank. 

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